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 Quality cat accommodation

Are you having some home improvements done? Need your cat out of the way?

If you are having some work done in your home that will be noisy, messy and will possibly frighten your cat contact Mariners Light Cattery. We can look after your cat for the day making sure they are safe and away from the hustle and bustle.


•  Day care for cats for home improvements

•  Care for your cat while you move house

•  Overnight boarding also available

Let your cat be pampered

Whether your cat is with us for a day or two weeks, we will ensure they get all the love and attention they get at home. All our rooms are thermostatically heated so they can sleep all day if they wanted or they can stretch out on the ledges outside overlooking the garden.

Day care for your cat.

For the best care for your cat whilst you are away, call us now:

Peaceful location near the M5.

All cats young and old welcome.

Dog free zone so guaranteed peace and quiet.

A dog free zone in a cattery A cattery for young and old cats Day care for your cat Cattery with a peaceful location near the M5